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 Connectors and Components for Space Applications

ARTICLES: Hi-Reliability Precision Connectors in Space Designs
PRESENTATIONS:  2019 Cubesat Innovation Workshop

has a rich history of supporting orbital and deep space projects.  Their connectors have been used on the Co-Star, Space Shuttle, Mars Rover and Iridium satellite, to name a few.  Omnetics can aid in the design of connectors and harnesses suitable for your application.  They offer multiple levels of space screening to the requirements of your specific application. 

 Nano D  Micro-D  Micro and Nano strips

Certification:  AS9100:2016, ISO9001:2015 with Design.  Certified & listed in QPL-32139 & QPL-83513, Harness Certified per IPC/WHMA-A-620

Areas of Expertise:  Satellites and Cubesats

  Hi-Rel Components for Space Applications - The extreme operating conditions of the space environment combined with lack of access for repairs and zero tolerance for failure necessitate intensive qualification of electronic parts used in space missions.  Mini-Circuits has a successful track record of screening components for space applications, and our experience in this area has led to robust testing and qualification programs for the parts we supply for these systems...............Read More

Certification:  AS9100D, ISO9001:2015 

To survive the rigours of the launch process and life in space, connectors for satellites have to handle extremes of temperature, intense shock and vibration.  Harwin products are now being designed into major projects with European and American space agencies and satellite manufacturers.  Harwin is also a key partner and sponsor of the EMSO (European Student Moon Orbiter) programme.

Although the launch system is not going into space itself, the systems can be subject to some fairly extreme conditions during lift-off.  Reliability is key - aborted launches are expensive.  Harwin has the high-reliability products to assist building systems of the right quality.  

 Gecko 1.2mm pitch High-Reliability    Datamate 2.00mm pitch 

Certification:  ISO9001, AS/EN9100 Series

Areas of Expertise:  Satellites and Cubesats, Launch Systems

Cubesat Cable Looms made and 100% tested ready for launch.  For more capabilities click here 
Certification:  ISO9001:2015, IPC-WHMA-A-620B Certified Application Specialists