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  Robust Military and Security connector Systems - Whether extreme environmental factors or strong mechanical stress:  working properly even under the most difficult conditions is a basic requirement for all connections technology used in military applications.
ODU connections ensure a fast information flow with no malfunctions or interruptions in communication systems.  With robust and reliable high-tech products, ODU provides connections in places where the highest security level is the standard. 
Reliability under the most extreme conditions and ease of use are requirements for soldier modernisation programmes worldwide.  ODU Connectors meet and often exceed these requirements.  They are resilient, water-tight to IP68, offer high-speed data transfer capability and high density signal configurations in a compact package



Field Radios, portable computers, night vision, digital scopes, GPS antennas, soldier control units, UAV's, airborne vehicles, navigation modules


ODU-AMC® - Advanced Military Connector

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ODU-AMC® - Connecting the Modern Warfighter

ODU AMC®Push-Pull  ODU AMC® Break-Away  ODU AMC® Easy-Clean
 ODU AMC® High Density  ODU AMC® System Solutions  ODU AMC® Highspeed Data Technology

  Rugged Micro and Nano Connectors and Interconnect Systems for Defence Applications - where size, weight, signal integrity and reliability are important.  


AS9100/ISO9001 Certified & Listed in QPL-32139 & QPL-83513 

Guidance, surveillance, cube satellite and portable communications systems, Weapon systems such as artillery and guided missiles, Unmanned vehicles systems, Aerospace and military equipment, Imaging and optics, Vehicles - land vehicles, fighter planes, helicopters and civil aircraft, Covert Security Systems


Omnetics Short Form Catalogue
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Swarming UAV's Demand smallest Mil/Areo Connectors

Nano-D  Micro-D   Micro and Nano Circulars IP68 Connectors 

  Rugged and High Reliability Connectors.  Harwin's rugged connector designs are ideal for performance citical applications that demand high reliability in the most inhospitable conditions.  They have been used in a number of soldier modernisation programmes across the globe 


G125 Gecko Connectors
M80 Datamate Connectors M300 High-Reliability Connectors



Electronic warfare and communications applications, Night vision goggles, Battery Packs, Radios, Military vehicles, GPS and weapons systems, Communication systems, Radar and tracking


G125 Gecko     M80 Datamate    M300


Harsh Environment Connectivity Solutions. Switchcraft/Conxall offers high-quality, weatherproof, waterproof and watertight IP68 and NEMA 250 (6P) rated connectors, including circular multi-pin weatherproof connectors, Mil-C-5015 (Mil-E-Qual), EN3 Connectors, sealed power plugs and jacks and moulded cable assemblies, all of which are RoHS compliant. 

 Mil-E-Qual (Mil-C-5015) Data-Con-X® Sealed Data Connectors Dura-Pull Push Pull Connectors

Standards:                 IP68 and NEMA 250 (6P), RoHS compliant

Applications:             Safety and security communications
Sealed data transmission

RF/IF and Microwave components.  Mini-Circuits is a worldwide leader in the distribution, design and manufacturing of radio frequency (RF) and intermediate frequency (IF), along with integrated modules covering the DC to 65GHz band and microwave components.

Certification:               ISO9001, ISO14001,  AS9100
Applications:  Test Equipment, Aerospace, Receivers, Transmitters, Military-specification and satellite applications, Rapid response

 Amplifiers  Attenuators  Cables  Couplers  Filters
 Limiters Mixers Multipliers  Voltage Controlled Oscillators  Splitters/Combiners
Switches  Test Equipment   Transformers      

  Internationally renowned company specialized in the development and manufacture of Military and Airborne Grade RF/Microwave components to 120GHz

Certification:               ISO 9001:2008 and ITAR registered
Applications:  Wireless infrastructure, satellite communications, medical and defence sectors

 Passive Components   Active Components  Waveguide Components

  Custom Cable Assembly, Cable Overmolding, Wire Harnesses, Cable Splitters, IP Rated Weatherproof Cables, RF Coaxial Cables, RF Filters, Product Assembly, Waveflows and Prototyping.  Click here for more details

Certification: ISO9001:2015, IPC-WHMA-A-620B Certified Application Specialists